About Us

Hi, my name is Josiah King. I am the owner and creator of Bimmer Empire. I started Bimmer Empire in July of 2017 as i wanted to start a Bimmer brand/ club that can bring all of us enthusiast together. What started as just selling a few lanyards in my bedroom has now grown to selling hundreds of aftermarket parts for your bmw! We have sold to thousands of very satisfied customers and i personally will make sure that we can satisfy your car needs.


My goal as of now is to make sure we can get our products to you as fast as possible. The thing i always hated was wait times when i would order online so if i can get you your products as fast as possible then i am happy!


 Bimmer Empire is constantly growing and updating our inventory. We hope you will join us on this amazing adventure to create the best bimmer builds on the planet! 

- Josiah King