Steamspeed N54 Turbos

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Bimmer Empire/Mashimarho has been testing the Steamspeed turbos with Bimtech since the very beginning. Having a say in the research and development has made the outcome of this turbo set up a very pleasing result. The N54 Steamspeed turbos are completely redesigned and therefore, NO NEED TO SEND IN YOUR CORES! SteamSpeed turbos come with new exhaust manifolds to replace the limited factory exhaust manifold as well as stainless-steel turbo exhaust housings. The (19T) is capable of 720 WHP or more with the right supporting Fuel and modifications. Proven to work with more than 50 sets on the road today, SteamSpeed provides the best value for your BMW N54 turbo upgrade!

Note: we also include a small pair of washers to act as spacers when swapping over the wastegate actuators.

Q: Why buy SteamSpeed Turbos over other competing manufacutures like Pure Turbos? A: First reason, it performs the same (if not better) for less money! You also do NOT need to pay for core exchange, which they get you every time. You always get FREE shipping. You get the TD04 design versus the TD03 design. You have a better designed and less restrictive manifold INCLUDED with your kit!

Q: What's the turbo rated, power wise? A: Our very own shop N54 is running over 700 whp (daily driver).

Q: I have a 135i, will this turbo fit? Yes, these are 335i turbos, you will just need to make sure you have 335i turbo outlets and the 335i rear turbo coolant drain line

Q: Box dimensions? A: 2 boxes of 13x11x9 weight of 30 pounds each

Fitment: 135i/535i/335i SteamSpeed Turbos

Manufacturer: SteamSpeed

N54 Steam Speed STX 58 Twin Turbos for BMW N54 (TD04HL+19T)

Weight: 11.0000T

Bearings: Journal Bearing CHRA

Cooling: Water & Oil Cooled

Compressor Wheel Size 46.0mm / 58.0mm

N54 SteamSpeed 19T Turbo

Size 6cm²

2” silicone Inlets and upgraded Outlets (/w hose barb) required. Our very own shop N54, which is currently running at about 720 whp.