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E8X V2 Air Intake Scoops

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The next generation of air intake scoops for the E8X 1 series is here.

Completely redesigned and engineered to be the best. Leveraging a multiplanar base, these intake scoops will transform the OEM ducting system into a functional intake system by reducing engine bay temperatures and increasing performance. The OEM air duct that feeds ambient air into the intakes is, by design, perpendicular to airflow, thus has minimal cold air flowing through to the intakes. In return, this creates increased engine temperatures and reduces performance. Our design provides the most effective solution to force cold air into the existing intakes, whether they be stock or aftermarket, without having to make any modifications. 1VP Air Intake Scoops are the industry-leading best-engineered intake scoops to upgrade the OEM ducting system into something actually functional. Convert that stagnant airflow into a free-flowing airflow and let the engine breathe. This is our most recent product released and is quickly becoming the popular go-to choice for the E8X community worldwide. Known for the extra air intake or for the sheer pleasure of a color accent. These scoops are the best way to add a subtle mod to your BMW for such a low cost. These boast one of the QUICKEST installs, requiring less than 5 minutes. NO cutting required. Remove the intake duct and drop these right in. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE INSTALLED UNDER THE INTAKE DUCT. Absolutely no additional hardware is required to install. Please have a professional shop assist with the install. Powdercoated off-the-shelf colors available are Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Thinking of something DIY? Pick them up in a raw steel finish as well! For a special color, please specify in the notes section during checkout. Please note we will do our best to match custom colors (ie Alpine white or Fire orange, we will do a normal white or orange.) Not enough options? Email us for your crazy custom needs (custom paint/vinyl customizations/etc.)! PROUDLY Made in the USA! Material: Stainless steel. Size: Roughly 6 x 5 x 2 inches. Weight: ~ 1 lb All items are made to order. Expect approx. 1-2 week(s) for manufacturing before delivery. Disclaimer: Air intake scoops are prone to rock chips and such due to it being in the front of the vehicle. Warranty will not cover normal wear and tear under these conditions.