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Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips E9X/F8X

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When carbon fiber isn't excessive enough, you want to add them as your exhaust tips! The exterior shows a nice gloss carbon fiber. These are 3.5" quad/dual tips with 2.5" inlet size. The burnt tips will be 4" diameter in size with 2.5" inlet. They will come with clamps as shown if you desire to clamp them on. Otherwise, welding is recommended. Fits all e9x e90 and e92. ***In order to fit the quad to a 3 series, you will need to have the correct bumper and/or diffuser work. In most cases, Mtech/M3 rear bumper with a quad diffuser will suffice. Please check diffuser opening size to match what is shown in the picture with dimensions. The metal is made of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and anti rust protection