2014 2015 iDrive Navigation Apple CarPlay Upgrade Kit

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Here is your chance to update your F2X F3X F8X vehicle to Apple Carplay. This is a fully plug and play unit. This unit is fully wireless. Installation should take 2 hours and is below. Please check the image to ensure you have the proper unit for this kit. Please note that you will retain your original NBT iDrive and can switch between menus if you choose to use one over the other. This unit is a little buggy sometimes and requires you to repair your phone if it does. Also, it is not the fastest unit. It works seemingly, but it is not an OEM unit. Disclaimer: WE DO NOT OFFER WARRANTY ON THIS PRODUCT. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Here is a video tutorial on how to install this unit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy9kboASBas